This 26-Year-Old Irish Entrepreneur Is the World’s Youngest Self-Made Billionaire

John Collison, the Irish cofounder of Stripe, the payments processing company now powering many in-app purchase systems, has been proclaimed the world’s youngest self-made billionaire by Forbes in its new world’s richest list. Collison, 26, is two months younger than Spiegel, the cofounder of Snapchat, which went public recently. Forbes lists Collison’s net worth at $1.1 billion and Spiegel’s at […]


Red Alert: Violent Antifa Plan Leaked… Nov. 4 Is When They’ll Start [Report]

Far-left communists and their allies in “antifa” and “Black Lives Matter” have been ramping up their hateful rhetoric and violent actions over the last few months — and now they’ve issued a chilling warning about their next move. A publication of the Revolutionary Communist Party has revealed that they are planning massive protests and uprisings […]


REPORT: Raiders Threw Game Over Anthem

There’s a scandal brewing among last weekend’s game between the Raiders and the Redskins. The Oakland Raiders is the only NFL lineup made up entirely of African-American players. During last week’s Raiders – Washington Redskins game, the offensive line of the team decided to sit out the national anthem, but not everyone. Quarterback Derek Carr stood for […]


After Rejecting Books Melania Gifted To School Kids, Librarian’s ‘Sick Secret’ Comes Out

In Cambridgeport, Massachusetts, an elementary school has officially rejected the Dr. Seuss books First Lady Melania Trump sent the students as a gift from the White House. The librarian who sent the books back did so with fanfare, making sure to embarrass Melania with an open letter, spewing hate and venom. Well, Liz Phipps Soeiro just […]


Breaking: 1 of Biggest NFL Ticket Sellers Makes Huge Announcement

The NFL seems to be under the impression that they can do whatever they like and the fans will keep crawling back to them week after week for their sports fix. However, judging by a recent poll by the Remington Research Group and a recent “deal” by StubHub, the free market might just disagree with […]


Former MVP Derrick Rose gets restart as Cleveland Cavaliers point guard

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio – When LeBron James left the interview platform, he took two-thirds of the inquiring minds with him. He went one way, they went the other to write stories, file photos, transmit video and engage in all the usual harried activity befitting serious quotage from the Cleveland Cavaliers’ star on the first full day of a […]


Little Girl Yanks Silver Chain At Lake, Solves Tragic Two Year Mystery

A little girl was swimming in a small Oregon lake when she saw something silver stuck in the sand. She yanked on the chain and solved a two-year mystery for another girl who had unexpectedly lost her father. Little Journey Roldan was swimming at Blue Park Lake with her mother, Winter Roldan, when she saw a […]