Muslim Refugee Couple Demands Better Housing, Hosts Have Perfect Counter-Offer

When a Somali Muslim asylum-seeking couple arrived at their new home, they immediately began rioting and destroying the place, demanding better accommodations. Luckily, their gracious host had a brilliant counter-offer to put their entitlement in its place.

After a Somali migrant couple resorted to threats and violence when demanding better taxpayer-funded housing, Austria’s conservative leadership, Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache (center) and Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (right), proposed an even better solution. (Photo Credit: PRAKASH MATHEMA/AFP/Getty Images, Screenshot/YouTube)

As Europe refuses to ebb the flood of mostly Muslim male migrants from non-refugee countries pouring into their countries, the “refugee crisis” proves to be more of a crisis for the gracious Western hosts than the invading asylum seekers.

Suspiciously, instead of showing gratitude for the offering of food, shelter, and safety from their alleged war-torn past, migrants arrive with incessant demands for welfare, free money, wi-fi, and designer clothing.


Introducing their hosts to the same supremacy and violence plaguing their own homelands, Muslim migrants quickly resort to unhinged bouts of aggression, threatening brutality if their demands aren’t appeased.

Fortunately, certain countries are getting so fed up with this flagrant entitlement and obvious exploitation of their generosity that they too have resorted to extreme but necessary measures to thwart these economic refugees.

After arriving in Austria, a Somali refugee couple was graciously welcomed into an asylum center in St. Veit/Glan, which offered them shelter, food, and legal assistance with their refugee status completely free of charge.

However, this taxpayer-funded offering simply wasn’t up to the high standards of the alleged war-torn refugees, provoking their religious and cultural entitlement.

Outraged that they weren’t immediately handed a luxurious home at the expense of the hardworking taxpayers, the Somali couple flew into a fit of rage, destroying property at the care center and demanding better housing.

When they weren’t appeased, the 31-year-old Somali migrant and his wife threatened to kill someone unless they were moved to a larger abode.

Of course, this savage behavior earned the ungrateful guests exactly what they demanded — just not in the way they had hoped.

Austrian online newspaper Heute reports that after rejecting their free accommodations, demanding better housing, and threatening to kill if they didn’t get their way, the housing authorities immediately transported the Somali couple to a detention center to begin processing for deportation back to their home country.Since the generous accommodations simply weren’t good enough for the unappreciative asylum seekers, Austrian officials granted them a free ride back to their dilapidated Islamic regime.

The Federal Office for Foreigners and Asylum/Regional Directorate of Carinthia has officially ordered the immediate imprisonment of the Somali couple while they prepare for their deportation, as the migrants had displayed a horrifying lack of civility and respect for asylum workers.

The office noted that when the couple was denied better housing, the husband vowed to slaughter a civilian before picking up a chair and smashing it on the ground to prove his seriousness.

The couple was transferred to the police detention center in Klagenfurt where they await processing for extradition to Somalia. They will remain in police custody until immigration officials can secure their deportation.

Austria has begun taking large and necessary strides to combat the liberal immigration policies that are leading to its cultural suicide and Islamization.

In January, along with the support of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache proposed placing asylum seekers and migrants in old army barracks for their duration of their application process as well as imposing a strict nightly curfew for them in order to thwart the migrant crime wave, Deutsche Welle reports.

“We need order as long as there is an open asylum application process,” Strache said in an interview with Austrian public broadcaster ORF.

In the government’s almost 200-page long program, it says “there’s no room for illegal migration, which often abuses the right to asylum” in Austria.

Fellow Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) politician and interior minister Herbert Kickl supported housing refugees in the barracks, adding that it is crucial to the public’s safety that they are kept “all in one place.” When faced with liberal criticism that living in the barracks is cruel, Kickl reminded leftists that since young Austrian men are expected to live their during their selfless military service, refugees can do the same, according to the Telegraph.

The idea follows a proposal by another senior figure in his party last year to move refugees out of Vienna to “mass quarters” on the city outskirts, in order to show migrants that “Austria is not as comfortable as everybody thinks.”

“It has already been talked about in the past whether it shouldn’t be that they all have to be back in barracks by a certain time in the evening,” Mr Strache said.

Along with the proposal, Austria’s conservative leadership plans to implement several other legislative measures to thwart the incoming flood of dangerous migrants.

The official plan states that migrants will be required to relinquish all of their cash when applying for asylum.

The money will then be used to refund the taxpayers who have been forced to fund the basic services provided to refugees and migrants seeking asylum.

New arrivals applying for asylum will also be forced to hand over their cell phones to authorities, who will inspect the devices for terrorist activity, falsified information, or any other incriminating information that might nullify their asylum status.

Thanks to the conservative uprising, Austria has even adopted the President Donald Trump-inspired slogan “Austria first,” which signals an attempt to preserve the nation’s culture, values, and freedoms that are constantly threatened by the impending migrant flood.

Because of their politically-incorrect campaign to defend their country and its citizens, Austria may be one of the few European nations to prevent the imminent Islamic takeover.